India’s Fight Against Terror

The spread of terrorism in the last few years has been pretty significant in the Indian context with new terrorist coalitions coming up expanding the canvas of counter terrorist activities for the security forces.

The terrorists have systematically silenced dissenting voices — Vice-chancellors, judges, lawyers, teachers, journalists, priests, and families of security personnel are among those murdered. This terror campaign that runs across religious boundaries has resulted in the exodus of several hundred thousand civilians from the Kashmir valley. Many, never to return again and claim property they legally own. Once prosperous areas, the border regions now have struggling economies. Development aid is necessary to restore normalcy and bring hope to the people.

There have been numerous reports with regard to the head count of Naxalites operating along the so-called Red Corridor from Nepal to Andhra Pradesh, which peak at 20,000 as per some vague estimates of Reuters. Does that really matter? Is it relevant in terms of applying counters? In my opinion, the number games, be it the so called Jihadis operating in Jammu and Kashmir or the Maoists in Nepal or the Naxalites in the terrorist affected States of India is just a statistical output for projecting or perhaps justifying an idea. The controlled flow of terrorists through well designed mechanisms from across, ensures the credible numbers remain a threat in being and whether it is a small number or a large presence, the terrorists strike at a target of the choosing.

There is no denying the fact that Islamic terrorism in India is a bye-product of the US-inspired and orchestrated jehad of the 1980s against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. To make the Soviet troops bleed, the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) encouraged Islamic fanaticism and incited unemployed Muslim youth all over the world to go to Afghanistan to carry on a jehad against Communism. Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was entrusted by the CIA with the task of religiously motivating, training and arming the jehadi mercenaries from different countries and sending them into Afghanistan for fighting against the Soviet troops.

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