Cheap Contact Lenses – Buy Online and Save

The FTC reports that access to online contact lens retailers provides consumers with greater choice and greater savings on contact lenses. With over 36 million Americans now wearing contact lenses, the FTC continues to fight for the rights of consumers in accessing cheap contact lenses offered by online contact lens distributors.

In the United States, sales of contact lenses are over $1 billion dollars annually. The past few years have witnessed an explosive growth of online contact lens retailers, and other channels of distribution, offering consumers greater selection and lower prices when purchasing contact lenses. The FTC has played a central role in breaking down anti-competitive barriers in the sale of contact lenses that serve to restrict consumer choice and raise lens prices.

Online contact lens retailers are in a unique position to bring consumers cheaper contact lenses. With the entire globe as their marketplace best free browser games, thanks to the worldwide reach of the Internet, they are able to purchase massive quantities of brand name replacement contact lenses. The sheer volume of lenses purchased provides them with an excellent price advantage from brand name contact lens manufacturers. Couple this fact with their ability to operate very low priced Internet storefronts, they benefit from low operating expenses, while being able to buy huge volume. The end result, in simple terms, is that their ability to pass on savings to their consumers is limited only by their desire to make profits.