What Does a Good Financial Advisor Look Like?

So many people in America don’t know how to plan for their future. Unfortunately, that puts them at risk to be taken advantage of by financial advisors that are out to make a quick commission. Those are the ones that talk a great talk, sign you up, and you never see or hear from them again unless they want to sell you something. I think those people should be taken out back and given a good whoopin’ (Can’t you tell I am from Texas?)

Don’t feel discouraged, there are advisors out there that want to help you. Here are a few ways you can arm yourself so you don’t get taken advantage of.

1. Does the advisor take the time to explain everything to you? Even if you don’t have questions, they should take time to educate you on the process so you won’t have any surprises; i.e. all expenses you are paying for their services.

2. Does the advisor ask you how often you would like to be contacted? Everyone is different when it comes to this. Some like once a year and others are once a quarter new mmorpg games. It really doesn’t matter, but they should contact you as often as you want. However, be reasonable. They can’t realistically call you daily or weekly. Remember, they have other clients to serve.

3. Ask your friends about who they work with. If they love their advisor, they will tell you volumes of good stuff about them. If they can’t think of anything good, beware!