Asian Real Estate As a Hedge Against Inflation

For the last year or more, I kept hearing and reading the word “de-leveraging”. Companies and individuals are all busy de-leveraging. So, basically, people are saving more money, paying off their debts and spending less. Overall, it gives an impression that leveraging is undesirable and should be done away with. Marc Faber famously said that, … [Read more…]

Managing Risk With Warrants, Options & Leaps

Regardless of what the markets are currently doing, now, more than ever is the time to take action to protect your portfolio. Over the last few weeks investors have been very very surprised at the performance of virtually all of the markets with the big initial shock coming from the 9% decline in the Shanghai … [Read more…]

India’s Fight Against Terror

The spread of terrorism in the last few years has been pretty significant in the Indian context with new terrorist coalitions coming up expanding the canvas of counter terrorist activities for the security forces. The terrorists have systematically silenced dissenting voices — Vice-chancellors, judges, lawyers, teachers, journalists, priests, and families of security personnel are among … [Read more…]

Indian Democracy and Its Revolutionary Maoists

A peal of spring thunder has crashed over the land of India”. This is how the July 5, 1967 editorial of Communist Party of China (CPC) mouthpiece People’s Daily had described the peasant upsurge in a tiny Bengal village – Naxalbari. People’s Daily was endorsing the incidence where share croppers and landless laborers rose in … [Read more…]

Project Analyst/ Project Controller – Controlling Department : Banca Comerciala Romana SA

In 1990, Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) was established by taking over the commercial business of the National Bank of Romania (NBR). That moment marked the starting point of the new banking system creation in Romania. BCR has initially been focused on the corporate sector but in the recent years it has strongly developed its retail … [Read more…]

Unionists Still Oppose Financial Locust Takeover of Chrysler

May 14 (EIRNS)–The European trade union leaders on the DaimlerChrysler board of directors all oppose selling Chrysler to the Cerberus Capital Management hedge fund, two UAW local union leaders told {EIR} today. These German and other trade union representatives have opposed Daimler’s selling Chrysler at all; but above all, to Cerberus or another private equity … [Read more…]

Funder of Right-Wing Republicans–and Al Gore

May14 (EIRNS)–Super-secret Cerberus Capital Management, LLP, which purchased an 80.1% share in Chrysler today, with the intention of cutting production, union wages, and benefits, hellishly funds the right-wingers in both the Republican and Democratic parties. This has included right-wing Sen. Joe Lieberman(I-Conn.), genocidal carbon hedge fund trader Al Gore, and far-right Republicans like Sens. Jon … [Read more…]

Investor Ideas – Small Cap Investor Ideas, News, Perspective & Trends Updates its List of Presenters for Upcoming Online Audio Conference Focused on Investing in Energy – Oil, Natural Gas, Tar Sands and More Unexpected Refinery Repairs, the Upcoming Peak Driving Season, and Tensions in Nigeria Push Oil Prices Higher announces its upcoming online audio investor conference that will consist of presentations from industry … [Read more…]

Let’s Be Careful Out There!

Is the pullback a buying opportunity? Though the market seems to have become unhinged by fears of inflation that arose this week, in my opinion, other factors are weighing in. Some considerations: The corporate earnings cycle is at a fairly advanced if not ancient age. Corporate profitability is at 40 year highs relative to other … [Read more…]